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Beyond the Selfie Stick: Creative Self-Portraits on Your Journeys

Explore yourself through creative portraits on your next trip! Learn to capture playful moments of your journey to show how you experienced the world around you.

Urban Landscapes: Capturing City Vibes in Travel Photos

Lively cityscapes are a symphony of color and texture waiting to be appreciated. Capture the vibrant atmosphere and energy of an urban jungle through your photographs as you explore a new city.

Portraits of the World: Photographing Locals and Their Stories

From India to Iceland, photographer J.D. Tran travels the world taking portraits of locals and capturing their stories. He uses his lens to explore different cultures, seeking to bring awareness to the beauty and humanity of our global community.

Composition Matters: Framing Beautiful Shots on the Road

Travel photography is all about framing beautiful shots. Use the power of composition to compose scenes that capture a moment, tell a story, and evoke emotion. With a bit of practice, you can take amazing pictures that will last a lifetime.

Travel Photography Gear Guide: Must-Have Tools for Adventurers

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a casual traveler, a quality set of gear is essential for capturing the best moments of your journey. From intuitive tripods and lenses to hi-res cameras, this travel photography guide shows you the must-have tools to begin your adventure.

From Amateur to Pro: Enhancing Your Travel Photography Skills

Aspiring travel photographers, be inspired! Learn the tricks of the pros and take your travel photography to new heights. Elevate your craft and capture memories of your travels that will last a lifetime.

The Golden Hour: Mastering Natural Light in Travel Photography

The golden hour of magical light is a photographer's best friend - capturing landscapes and scenes in a low and warm light that can imbue them with a painterly quality. Learn how to master this beautiful light and find your best travel photography!

Editing Magic: Post-Processing Techniques for Stunning Travel Shots

Travel photos bring a special sense of awe and wonder. With post-processing techniques, those same photos can become stunning works of art, introducing viewers to a world of fantasy. Come along as we explore the editing magic of post-processing techniques and create amazing memories.

Capturing Wanderlust: Tips for Stunning Travel Photography

Capture your fondest memories from your travels! Here are some tips to help you take breathtaking photos and make sure your wanderlust is forever captured.

In the Wild: Wildlife Photography Tips for Nature Enthusiasts

From jungle cats to oceanic creatures, capture the beauty and thrill of the wild with these wildlife photography tips! Get up close and personal with the creatures of nature in the lens of your camera.

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Latest articles