Beyond the Selfie Stick: Creative Self-Portraits on Your Journeys

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Tired of taking cliched, mundane selfies to share with your friends and family? Feeling uninspired when it comes to capturing those special moments of your journey? Look no further – it’s time to take creative self-portraits to the next level, and go beyond the selfie stick!

1. Say Goodbye to Selfies: Creative Self-Portraiture on the Road

We’ve all been there: Posing, pouting and snapping endlessly until suddenly realizing that the battery is dead. Is it time to give up on self-portraits for good? Absolutely not! Nowadays, becoming creative with self-portraiture is more accessible than ever.

For starters, experiment with body language:

  • Incorporate unusual angles and compositions into your pictures by playing around with your poses.
  • Capture yourself in motion – perhaps in the act of jumping or running.
  • Capture two or more images in one frame, like different poses fused together.

Then it’s time to bring in the creativity. Try these ideas:

  • Incorporate props like instruments or pets.
  • Capture yourself in a reflection.
  • Add a sense of mystery – play around with light and shadows to create a haunting effect.
  • Take yourself out of the studio and shoot yourself in special outdoor settings.

Ultimately, don’t forget to focus on the emotion and story behind the words. It’s not about taking the perfect shot but instead bring your own creativity to life. Go ahead and throw in some movement, special props, reflections, and different outdoor settings to achieve something that truly captures your personality!

2. Express Yourself: Explore New Ways to Document Your Journeys

The world of travel is bursting with opportunities to express yourself, and it is time to discover new ways to document your journey. You could take a look at the latest multimedia trends including vlogging and livestreaming, integrating drone footage, special edits and virtual reality.

  • Vlogging is an excellent way to share stories and information with your followers. It provides a personal view of your destination, from what to eat to what locals do.
  • Livestreaming allows you to give your followers insight into the experiences and attractions of a certain location. You can let them join you in real time while you explore the area.
  • Drone footage can add a special effect to the narrative that can take your viewers on a one-of-a-kind visual journey. It will show the landscape in its entirety and the details of the surrounding environment.
  • Special edits can help add personal touches to your vidoes. They could be features such as transitions, slow motion, or the use of an extra lens to highlight certain aspects.
  • Virtual reality is another favorite among travelers, as this content is as close to real travel experience as it gets. Viewers can explore your destination through 360-degrees immersive video.

Taking advantage of information and technology, is the key to creating more engaging and inspiring experiences. You can easily make the most of the moment and go beyond just taking selfies and pictures. These trends will help you document your adventure in a way that is sure to captivate others.

Go ahead, let your personality and creativity be your guide! With a few clicks, you can express yourself and showcase your journey through your lens and vision.

3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Experiment with Colors and Poses

Every creative journey requires new ideas and experimentation. Trying something that isn’t your usual wheelhouse can be intimidating, but this unyielding curiosity is necessary for developing a unique style and growing as an artist. Whether you study design, photography, art or any other creative field, expanding your toolkit unlocks hidden potential and reveals a limitless inner creativity.


When experimenting with colors, the possibilities are almost endless. It’s easy to allow the intensity of each color to speak for itself, but keep in mind that when two or more colors clash together, a unique intensity is lit. Consider the following:

  • Surprising combinations: Try pairing one bright color with another, or bring in colors that normally wouldn’t even appear in the same field. Ambivalence can bring out the best of both worlds.
  • Gray scale: Experiment with different shades of gray to create a mood that stands out. It’s flexible enough to be used in almost any composition.
  • Vintage hues: Spotlight timeless colors and create images that tell a story. Variations in retro hues spanned from soft pastels to deep, creamy tones.


Using poses to express ideas is a powerful tool. How you arrange your subject and the amount of space between them and the camera alters the mood of the shot. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination flowing:

  • Crazy angles: Push conventional limits and jump into experimentations with strange angles to your subject.
  • Symmetry: Play around with symmetry to create an interesting juxtaposition of shapes and lines.
  • Uncommon direction: Direct your subject to look at something off-camera or away from the lens, allowing their expression to draw in the viewer’s focus.


When it comes to creating something new and unique, understanding colors and posing is essential. It allows one to move away from the conventional style and challenge what already exists, ultimately pushing the boundaries of creativity.

4. Capture Those Precious Memories: Make Your Self-Portraits Special

We all need self-portraits from time to time. They can help make a moment more meaningful, preserve a memory, and give us the opportunity to take our story with us, wherever we may go. Here are four ways to make your self-portraits stand out, and capture those precious memories:

1. Tell a Story: Whether you are capturing memories with a selfie, an outdoor-portrait or something in between, strive to tell a story. Look for frames and elements that capture the context of the moment, including colors, textures, and surroundings. The biggest, and most impactful stories are often told in the most simple and natural setting.

2. Be Adventurous: Try something new. Whether it is a new background, a new pose, or a new angle, looking for new ways to capture the moment can be a really creative and fun way to document. It will also spice things up, and help you incorporate new elements into your self-portraits.

3. Try Different Lighting: Natural light can be a great component for your self-portraits, and can help transform and capture the mood of the moment. However, don’t be afraid to try something a bit different. Experiment by playing with shadows or using a controlled light, to bring out the texture and the mood that you want to capture.

4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: Don’t forget to have a bit of fun, and try laughing or making funny faces. Have your friends join in and make a group shot. Also, don’t forget to make the most of your self-portraits – print them, make a book, or design a collage. Put them up around your home or give them out to your loved ones.

No matter how you choose to capture those precious memories, remember to do it with a smile (and a bit of creativity).

All in all, the selfie stick is a creative tool which, when used with a bit of imagination, can bring out the creative side in you, and make for some wonderful and unique travel photography. So don’t forget to bring one on your next adventure, and let your imagination run wild to create something fun and memorable!

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